"If you aren't dancing, you're wasting your feet!"

Itís fun. Itís easy. Did we say itís FUN?
Maryville Community Barn Dance

The Maryville Community Barn Dance
will have a special series of dances on
selected Fridays in Fall 2013:

Remaining Dances:

Dances (except for Nov. 8) will be held at
First Presbyterian Church in Maryville (211 S. Main St.),
in the basement,
from 7:00 to 9:00.

The November 8 dance, sponsored by NWMSU
Department of English, will be at the gymnasium of
Horace Mann school on campus,
Building 30 on this map:
This evening will run later as well, 7:00 to 9:30.

Bring a friend or two!

First Presbyterian:
Enter via the East door then loop left to find the indoor stairwell,
or enter the South door at the bottom of the outdoor stairwell.
Plenty of parking.

I'll have a container for free-will donations to the church, which is generously letting us use the space (I recommend $1 or $2), but otherwise there's no cost.

Call or email Jerome for further information.

Dancers swinging
Photo courtesy Bob Bennett

Come alone or bring your friends!

(A.K.A. Contra Dance, Traditional Square Dance, Community Dance, Family Dance)

No experience is required.
You do not need to bring a partner.

We will dance contras, squares, some English Country set dances, and some couples dances (swing, waltz, salsa, others).

All dances are taught and prompted. Singles welcome. You are not required to bring a partner. We change partners about four times each night for maximum social interaction.

Are you new to contra dancing? Part of the fun is that it includes some challenges and requires some learning. If you have experience with English country dancing or square dancing, you'll already be familiar with many of the dance calls used in contra dancing. Most new dancers find this takes several hours or even several sessions, but once you know the moves, you've got it for good!

This series is geared for new dancers, with the aim of creating a core of experienced and welcoming dancers. New dancers do best when they seek out experienced dance partners while they are learning. And, experienced dancers are always encouraged to seek out partners who are new dancers.

Contact Jerome Grisanti at 660-528-0858 or email (address below)


Contact Jerome Grisanti via email:

jerome (dot) grisanti (at) gmail.com

Please include the phrase "Maryville Dance" in the subject field, and replace the parenthetical words in the address with the proper symbols.