"If you aren't dancing, you're wasting your feet!"

On Aug 21, 2008, Greg Rohde posted the following note to the Childgrove Discussions list:

"Imagine my surprise the other morning when my sleepy ears heard that St. Louis had a local hero: Don Harper won the 100 meter hurdles.
"Good for him, I thought, and rolled over. I know Don's in good shape and has lots of energy, but I never pictured him as a hurdler.
"My morning newspaper clarified it when I read that it was Dawn Harper from East St Louis who won the women's 100 meter hurdles.
"Oh well. It was a fun image while it lasted, I bet she's not as good a waltzer as our own Don Harper."

So I (Jerome) immediately searched for (and found) an image of dancer-athlete Don Harper:

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